S S Trade Link


Recycled Pulp

S S Tarde Link is specialized in providing waste paper recycled pulp to our prestigious clients in China. With wide range of products available

American #OCC 11 recycled Pulp – pulp made by recycling 100% American OCC 11

OCC 12 recycled Pulp – pulp made by recycling 100% American OCC 12

OCC Source in America

S S Trade Link is specialized with very strong backward integration by self-sourcing of OCC from America and getting it recycled with top quality assurance

American ONP

European OCC Pulp

European News D-Inking Pulp

Customized recycled pulp can also be arranged based on customers requirements.

Virgin Pulp

Pulp is a clean, wood-based raw material. It can be used to manufacture paper and various paper-based products while making them truly sustainable bioproducts at the same time. Let’s compare two types of pulp: virgin pulp and recycled pulp.

Virgin pulp and recycled pulp are two types of pulps that are made to manufacture paper. Produced by chemically or mechanically separating cellulose fibres from woods or fibre crops. Virgin paper is the kind of paper that does not contain any recycled content and is made directly of the pulp of trees or cotton. This kind of paper is also considered to be a high-quality paper.